Wet weather sets back road repairs

Old Hadar Road is one of many in Norfolk that is facing setbacks in the process of rebuilding. With large potholes and poor conditions, the road has been shut down since mid-March.

Roads Superintendent, Dick Johnson, describes the current conditions and the steps they plan to move forward.

Johnson says, “right now they’re wet and there are a lot of places that material has washed out that will have to be replaced. The first part of the process was to at least get the roads open so that everybody could get in and out, and now we’re going back trying to do the permanent repairs, but the weather has been a real hinderance.”

He describes the rebuilding process as a battle, but it’s nothing he hasn’t dealt with before.

One setback: lots of rain in Northeast Nebraska which has prevented his crew from working to make the repairs.

Johnson estimates the budget will significantly increase.

“It’s going to add quite a bit to the budget,” he says. “If I had to guess, right now I’d say somewhere around $2 million.”

Johnson anticipates Old Hadar Road to be ready to use later this week, but other roads and bridges in the area won’t be completely done until sometime next year.