Runaway Teen, Loose Cow and Anonymous Pig on Sheriff’s Report

BLAIR – Blair Police and Washington County Deputies worked to bring a Burt County juvenile runaway into custody – that male juvenile led a foot chase and resisted arrest in the 1800 block of Holly Street yesterday. Also on the Sheriffs report released this morning – a 54 year old male arrested in the Allen Hills Drive and County Road 32 area for drunk driving and open container, another arrest near County roads 15 and 38 for a person driving during suspension and having a Douglas County Warrant.  A 52 year old man was arrested in Fort Calhoun for drunk driving, and a 39 year old woman was arrested on Highway 75 and County Road 37 for driving during suspension.  Washington County Deputies also dealt with a loose cow in the 13 thousand block of Highway 91 and an unknown pig in the 2600 block of County Road 45.  (“unknown pig” was the phrase used on the Sheriff’s report)