New Blair Facility Will Help Slow Depletion of Wild Fish in Global Seas

BLAIR – Omega 3 Fatty acids, obtained from fish, are used in animal nutrition.  Wild fish populations are being depleted in the world’s oceans.   That’s one of the reasons that multi-national companies Evonic, based in Germany, and Royal DSM, from the Netherlands, formed a joint cooperative effort called Veramaris.

That company, which produces Omega 3 Fatty acids through algae, officially opened Wednesday in Blair.  Christian Kullmann CEO of Evonik, says the project took four years from concept to the opening of the facility.

The process of making Omega 3 fatty acids from algae begins with corn.  That’s just one of the reasons Blair was selected as the site for Veramaris according to Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, The CEO of Royal DSM, Feike Sijbesma says the facility was built under budget and in the allotted time frame.   Karim Kurmaly, the CEO of Veramaris, says the process will also alter the way fish is farmed, noting that many fishing operations in other parts of the world use slave labor.  The algae fermentation method used at Veramaris will lessen the need for fishing.