Governor’s Office Accepting Nominations for Flood Heroism Honors

LINCOLN – Governor Pete Ricketts and Nebraska’s First Lady Susanne Shore would like to recognize the selfless service and extraordinary acts of bravery performed by everyday people who put their communities first during March’s historic flood.

Many Nebraskans, and in fact, people from across the country answered the call for help during the widespread flooding after the blizzard and bomb cyclone created the most widespread natural disaster in state history. Today, Governor Pete Ricketts and First Lady Susanne Shore launched an initiative to recognize Nebraska’s “flood heroes” for their extraordinary acts of service to their communities.

As the state prepares to honor Nebraskans for their remarkable service, the Governor and First Lady invite Nebraskans to nominate a specific hero online by visiting

  • The nominator or nominee must be a resident of Nebraska.
  • Nominations for oneself will not be honored.
  • All requests must be submitted online at the website above.
  • The Office of the Governor and Nebraska Impact reserve the right to deny any submission. 
  • Decisions to complete requests are made at the discretion of the Office of the Governor and Nebraska Impact.