Black Hills Energy Reacting To Flooding In Hamburg

Black Hills Energy Reacting To Flooding In Hamburg
People gather in downtown Hamburg, Iowa, on March 17 to watch the floodwaters creep closer to the flood barrier built in town. The levee protecting the town from the floodwaters of the Missouri River broke, flooding part of the town. RYAN SODERLIN/THE WORLD-HERALD

HAMBURG, Ia. – March 18, 2019 – Black Hills Energy has activated its emergency response plan and is working with public officials and agencies regarding flooding in Hamburg.

“Flooding presents the risk of natural gas leaks when equipment or appliances are submerged and pilot lights go out,” said Wes Ashton, Black Hills Energy’s Director of operations for Iowa gas. “Safety is always our first concern, and due to the intense flooding we have had to shut down the natural gas system to the community of Hamburg to protect our customers.”

At this time, approximately 550 customers have been effected. The hospital is served from a separate line and is not impacted. We continue to address the situation and are working with community officials on a restoration plan. Further updates will be provided regularly through local media. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our customer service center at 800-890-5554.

As a reminder, if you smell natural gas, get everyone out of the building or area immediately. Don’t touch any electrical switches or raise any windows on the way out. Doing so can create a spark of static electricity that could ignite a gas leak.

Don’t use a phone within the immediate location – use a neighbor’s phone or a cell phone safely away from the building or area to call 911 or Black Hills Energy’s emergency number. Black Hills Energy’s 24-hour emergency number is 800-694-8989.