Madison County discusses housing issues

Following a housing survey that was administered to Madison County Residents, three housing listening sessions were held on Monday evening.

This gave residents a chance to speak on behalf of the barriers that have prevented them from obtaining quality or affordable housing in the area.

In Norfolk, Community Planner for Hanna: Keelan Associates, Keith Carl, led the discussion.

Two Employees of the Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership, Amber Mandl and Diane Schultz, participated in the listening session on behalf of their program which works with low-income people and families.

“We wanted to come here and just show awareness,” Mandl says. “We are here, and we are trying to help these people for income-based housing.”

When asked about the struggles that they have endured while finding housing in the area, Schultz says that affordable housing is a major obstacle.

“There are a few landlords, but there doesn’t seem to be enough. The demand is so high that the rent goes up and people just can’t afford it. A lot of them are on very tight fixed incomes and we try to budget that, but if we don’t have the housing, then there’s nothing we can do. We help them with other resources if possible, but it kind of leaves us strapped.

The purpose of the study is to ensure proper guidance in the development of various affordable housing types for persons and families of all income sectors within the area.