Hy-Vee coming to West Point

WEST POINT, NE (News Channel Nebraska) – People in West Point will finally have another option to do their shopping.

What used to be a Shopko Hometown located at 500 Plaza Drive in West Point will now be the new home for supermarket giant, Hy-Vee.

“So we’re very excited that building is going to be put back to use at such a timely manner,” says Tina Biteghe Bi Ndong, Executive Director for West Point Chamber of Commerce.

Biteghe Bi Ndong says the town is honored that a store like Hy-Vee chose West Point to expand its location.

“We’re just honored that businesses including Hy-Vee see West Point as a place to grow into,” says Biteghe Bi Ndong .

She adds that the town is excited to to welcome the new addition because it’s a testament to the growth and expansion that the town of West Point is experiencing.

“We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of young families move back to our community, so they obviously see that the potential is there for success,” says Biteghe Bi Ndong. “ I just look forward to seeing how all this works out and watching our community grow.”

With stores like Hy-Vee expanding into new locations, it may seem that small, family-owned grocery stores could be in jeopardy. However, Biteghe Bi Ndong assures that a new arrival will simply be another option where people can do their shopping.

“I just think this is a great opportunity for a change in our own habits, here in our community and again, we’ve had some other businesses move and expand into West Point recently,” says Biteghe Bi Ndong. “It’s just a testament to the support our area residents and fellow business people offer.”

Hy-Vee has yet to release any information about when it will open or what kinds of services it plans to offer.