Flag capital celebrates Flag Day

NELIGH, NE – It’s only fitting for the flag capital of Nebraska to line their major roads with American flags…especially on such an important day.

Since 2014, Blackburn Manufacturing Co. has celebrated Flag Day and decorated the town of Neligh.

Marketing Director for Blackburn, Krista Shchindler, tells NCN how it began.

“Our economic development director came up with the idea to line the streets for Flag Day, so every year since then, we’ve been celebrating in the same way.”

This year, with the help of their employees, volunteers, and the chamber of commerce, Blackburn lined Highway 275 with over 1,500 flags as they commemorate the adoption of the U.S. flag on this day in 1777.

As a homegrown business, Schindler says that Flag Day is an important opportunity to show their support of the country.

After over 60 years of business, they’re excited to soon sell over six billion flags as a company and celebrate many more Flag Days to come with the town.

“To date, we have sold about 5.5 billion flags and we’re looking forward to celebrating six billion and continuing to grow and continuing to celebrate Flag Day.