American Churches Giving For Disaster Recovery Here

NEBRASKA CITY – Churches of Christ Disaster Relief has responded this year to tornado survivors in Alabama, Hurricane Michael victims in Franklin, Co., Fla., and now flood-ravaged souls in Nebraska and Iowa.

A semi-trailer loaded with supplies arrived at Nebraska City Tuesday morning ahead of schedule, but Stacey Telgren of the Church of Christ says  volunteers soon assembled to help unload.

Telgren: “If you’re in need and your home took on water from all this tragedy and all that has recently been going on, come on down and see us and get registered. We hope to be up and running by noon today.”

Director of Church of Christ Disaster Relief Dennis McClintock said the load, which represents about $73,000 of giving, is collected from Churches of Christ throughout the United  States.

McClintock: We got involved back in the early ‘90s. We found out that we needed a way to reach out to help people all over the U.S. in major disasters and that’s how this got started.

Distribution points are also planned at churches in Bellevue, Fremont and Norfolk.

Ronnie Kell  of Henderson, Tenn., drove the supplies from Nashville to Nebraska  City.

Kell: “The people need help and I’m retired and this is something I can do. That’s the main thing. ”

Kell, who delivered new Peterbilt trucks for over 30 years, said he is ready to deliver disaster supplies wherever he is asked to go.

Telgren: “A good thing about the Churches of Christ is we’re a big family, whether we’re here locally or across the country, across the globe. We can reach out no matter where we are at and we are family, so we reach out and support each other and that’s what this is – family supporting family and reaching out to those who need us.”

Dana Stovall of Nebraska City said the church is also taking volunteers to work two-hour shifts to register people and gather supplies for families that qualify.